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AHS Training offer a comprehensive selection of consultancy service packages and annual support contracts to assist you with the management of health and safety in your business.

We work within all the necessary standards of the Health and Safety executive and regulatory acts, and all of our staff are fully trained. We keep our skills fresh and up to the minute, and stay active in the construction industry community to support you through the latest regulatory updates. Our experts will save you hours of research time and thousands in training costs by offering a set fee package to suit your business needs.

Choose from any of the below services or call our team to discuss your bespoke business health and safety consultancy requirements.

Health and safety policy creation and revision

We will help you to minimise the paperwork whilst ensuring every eventuality is covered and that your company health and safety policy meets legal requirements in line with The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).

Whether you are a new business, growing business or established large company, we can help create a new policy for you or assist you in revising your current document to make sure it incorporates current health and safety standards and that no risk has been ignored.

Risk assesment

Risk assessment is an essential aspect of construction company management, and above and beyond standard risk assessments certain activities require a specific document to be completed to comply with The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

We will help you to identify all of the areas in your business that require a risk assessment to be completed, and we will either complete the risk assessments for you on a one-off or regular basis, or support you in creating a routine and supporting systems to complete the risk assessments in house.

This service is particularly helpful for growing businesses, businesses undertaking new kinds of projects and businesses that work with a large number of contractors and sub-contractors.

Health and safety inspections

The AHS Training team can carry out comprehensive health and safety inspections at any or all of your sites on a routine or one off basis, to include physical activity and environment inspections along with document inspection.

Our inspections will identify any areas for immediate attention and are essential to ensure risks are attended to in a timely manner and that your business is legally compliant. We follow up all inspections with a substantial written report. If you wish to work with us on an annual support contract, we will carry out an inspection as part of our service agreement.

Accident investigation service

Any accident on site can be a challenging time and can affect your business in many ways. After an accident has occurred, we work with you to find the root cause of the incident and to ensure that the risk of it happening again is minimised or eradicated.

We can attend on site at short notice in time-sensitive cases and our advice line is open 24 hours a day for your immediate concerns following an accident.

All accident investigations include a comprehensive, legally compliant, professionally written report that you can use for reference with any external investigating bodies.

Safety management system implementation and maintenance

AHS Training have developed our Safety Management System (SMS) in accordance with I.S. OHSAS 18001 and similar standards.

Our SMS consultancy service supports your company with implementing and/or maintaining a systematic, cross-functional approach to health and safety management across the business.

We work with all the relevant parties in your company to ensure that procedures, policy documents, training and inspection routines are in place and are easy to work with for every single employee or contractor.